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I may be the only one in my household, but with just a few clicks I can be connected to an entire world of helpful blogs, websites, and other resources full of people experiencing the same things. What’s great about logging onto the internet and finding recipes and blogs is that, while we all might be vegetarian/vegan, we all have different reasons and perspectives. There’s always more to learn. These are some of the great sites and blogs that I’ve found helpful and hope you will, too!

Animals Deserve Absolute Protection Today and Tomorrow (ADAPTT) is a fantastic resource . ADAPTT was created by Gary Yourofsky. If you asked me to describe him in one word, it would passionate. He is intensely passionate about animal rights. He’s been arrested several times and he’s banned from the UK, Canada, and other countries all in the name of animal protection. He’s an amazing lecturer and you can view his video on his website. It’s harsh and it’s in your face, but it’s true and honest – I hightly recommend watching it and checking out the many helpful pages on his site.

Clean Eating Chelsey is a fantastic blog. According to her biography page, she discovered that she was corn, lactose, and gluten intolerant. She’s also a vegetarian. One might think that what she can eat is really limited, but it appears that she does just fine as a self-proclaimed foodie. She posts recipes, restaurant experiences and reviews, health and fitness, and even fun posts that have nothing to do with food. She’s full of great ideas and tons of inspiration.

Peas and Thank You is another great blog that posts healthy recipes, fitness entries, and stuff about families, cooking, and more. She’s even written a book and is working on another. I love her ideas and a lot of what Mama Pea has to say.

Pinterest is the greatest social networking site to ever grace the internet. I have found so many fantastic ideas. There are a LOT of creative people out there! It’s full of DIY, crafts, decor, fashion, style, and more. What I like and pin most though are vegan recipes. I’ve tried more recipes through Pinterest than I have through the cookbooks I’ve purchased. Pinterest works by people finding things they like on the internet, but instead of bookmarking them, they ‘pin’ it. You copy and paste the link to whatever Board fits that topic, such as Vegan Recipes. That pin is seen by your followers and you see what they’ve pinned. Try it now – it’s great! In the future, I may start up a Senza Carne Pinterest, but for now, you can follow me at Briana419.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is often seen as an extremist view to those who don’t really understand their values, and while I may agree with that idea in some aspects, there is a ton of information on their website. There is also some controversary over who they support and their methods of awareness. Regardless, there is some grea information on helping you make the switch and inspiration to keep you moving forward. find tips on how and inspiration to keep you moving forward.


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