Great Reads

This is the book that  pushed me to give the vegetarian life a shot. Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin  give you the straight up facts without any sugar coating. You’ll find yourself disgusted at times, but by the end, you’re ready for the challenge. It’s informative, but it’s also funny. It also includes a great jumpstart menu so you’re not left feeling completely overwhelmed. Having the menu really helped me out. Although I didn’t try all of it, I felt better knowing I knew where to start. Buy it!

You know her from Clueless, but she is not clueless when it comes to a vegan lifestyle. The Kind Diet is the book I read to get me started on my second attempt.  This book, like Skinny Bitch, presents the facts, but goes beyond vegan to discuss an even healthier lifestyle. By the end, I felt compelled to not give up on living vegetarian and energized to begin again.  The Kind Diet  includes a ton of great shopping tips and  recipes, including the undeniably delicious peanut butter cups, which will prove in one bite that you can eat tasty foods on a vegan diet.  Buy it!

Crazy Sexy Diet is a lot like Skinny Bitch in that it’s a fun and easy read. Facts are presented in a very easy way to understand. This focuses on the health side of going vegan, since the author, Kris Carr, was diagnosed with cancer and attributes her current healthy status to her lifestyle change. It was a great read that reminded me what I want to achieve with this lifestyle. Buy it!


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