About Me


Hello! My name is Briana and I’m from New Hampshire. I have enjoyed writing since the second grade, probably because people told me I was good at it. Good in the sense that I wrote a very short story as a required assignment titled My House. It was very provactive.  Anyway, it’s been years since then and I still love to write.

I knew for a while that I wanted to write a blog, though on what I was never sure. I don’t feel as though I have an expertise, at least not in anything I’d feel comfortable writing about, but who needs to be an expert to talk about food?

It’s been a long and inconsistent journey, but I’m not giving up on my goals to live a healthier lifestyle for myself and the environment. This blog is simply keeping tabs on that – my struggles and triumphs, my attempts at cooking, my experiences, and what I learn!

I made this blog for two reasons: 1. to inspire/encourage myself; 2. to inspire/encourage you! I appreciate you checking out my blog and I do hope you find something here that pushes you to, at best, completely convert to a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, or at least give a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle more thought than you did yesterday.

Why Vegetarian/Vegan?!

This is by far the most popular question I get asked. People just can’t believe I would choose to do this. They look at me as if I told them my favorite hobby is walking barefoot through hot coals. For me, it’s for moral and health reasons.

Pretty much every book about veganism will at some point discuss the innocence of children, their relationships with animals, and what changes over the years. I have always loved all animals.

I used to suffer through animal movies, but now I’ve learned to avoid them completely. I don’t even like cartoon animal movies, like Fox and the Hound. I have walked out of one movie in my entire life and that was Eight Below because before even one dog died, I was bawling uncontrollably. Basically, if a movie is centered around an animal, I do not watch it.

I always felt bad for the animals at the circus, even when I was younger. I couldn’t pinpoint why I felt so sad for them. What is the difference between the circus owning them and me owning a pet? Something in my gut just knew it wasn’t right.

I’ve always been opposed to hunting and fishing. And even today, I will swerve on the road to miss a chipmunk.

So, what is it that makes me think it’s okay to mow down on chicken wings and cheese? It came from an animal’s great suffering and ultimate murder. For too long, I’ve listened to the voice in my head shouting, “I can’t live without chicken!” It’s time I start listening that voice that feels for animals. It’s time to start seeing animals as equal beings in the sense that they deserve to live and thrive on Earth just as much as I do.

There’s no way that the amount of meat and dairy we inhale can be put onto our tables in a humane or healthy way. There’s just too much demand  and not enough regulations. I don’t want to be pushy, but just take a second to think about the amount of people in this world consuming meat. If you’re feeling ballsy, watch a video showing what goes on in a slaughterhouse. That’s real. It’s not just a show put on for the camera. What goes in to your food can make you wonder if what you’re eating is even food by the time it reaches your plate.

Making the change isn’t as easy. If you’ve ever thought, “I love my dog/cat/gerbil/parrot/goldfish and I would never eat him/her, so why do I eat cows/pigs/chicken/fish?” then you’re on the right track. Embrace that thought and start your research. Don’t shoot it down with excuses that it’s too hard or too expensive or that you need animal protein to live. It doesn’t have to be more expensive and you don’t need protein from animals to live. Do your research and you’ll learn just as I have.

Happy vegging!


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