A Letter to Tofu

September 14, 2012 at 3:13 am Leave a comment

Dear Tofu,

I have one question for you. When will we be friends? I have tried many times and no matter what I do, you just won’t be my friend! Why? WHY?!

Love, Briana

You might have guessed that I tried another tofu recipe and it didn’t quite go as planned. I got the recipe through Pinterest. It is well documented that I am obsessed with Pinterest and I try several recipes found through it; despite the fact that these recipes sometimes fail miserably, I keep trying. That seems to be a pattern. I’m obviously a glutton for failure. Still, I’m determined to make tofu work because it’s so easy to make flavorful and so many vegan dishes use it.

I blame my inability to cook tofu on the fact that I don’t have a tofu press. I know you can stack books and bricks and plates on top of tofu to smoosh it, but that didn’t work in the past. On Tuesday, I attempted to just smoosh it with my hands, which just smooshed the tofu. This made it super difficult to cut into the neat little strips that it was supposed to be cut. So right out of the package, this was already going wrong. In short, feel free to buy me a tofu press.

Saturday, I’ll be using the left over tofu in a scramble and I honestly (somehow) believe that this cannot go wrong! I mean, how simple can it be? Break it up, add in spices and veggies..BOOM scramble. Just everyone do me one favor: Friday night when you’re cuddled in bed, say a prayer for me to vegan gods. “Dear Vegan God(dess), please let Briana enjoy tomorrow’s breakfast so she doesn’t have to turn her back on tofu forever.” I’ll appreciate your thoughts!


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