Football Season with Non-Vegans

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First, I’ll start off by saying I still consider myself to be non-vegan, as I have not fully made the switch. Maybe I should refer to myself as exploratory vegan, instead? I like the sound of that. So I’m explatory vegan while everyone I know and see on a daily basis is non-vegan. It’s not a big deal, really. But I deal with plenty of comments. The comments and digs are multiplied when I’m at a gathering and I bring a dish. Everyone wants to know what it is. It’s football season, so I’ll be dealing with this every single Sunday!

Yesterday, for the first Patriot’s game of the season (or, official season, right?) I brought over chili and Oreo Cheesecake Cookies. Everyone is familiar with the chili, as I made it several times last season, but there were still questions. “What is it?” I replied with, “It’s the same chili it always is. If you liked it last year, you’ll like it this year.” Naturally, I would scoop out my serving, take a bite and look to the other person in the room eating the chili (who also happens to be the one most known for making comments). “This doesn’t taste the same,” I say. And he says “No…it doesn’t.” Now, he’s a spicy food addict, so he went into the kitchen, added a dash of super spicy Thai spice and devoured the bowl. I was left wondering why the hell it wasn’t the same.

I decided it was the fact that I had gone to a different supermarket, which meant I had different store-brand tomatoes, I used 3 different brands of beans, Boca crumbles (which have egg whites in them, BOOOO) instead of MorningStar, and I had added flaxseed oil. Eating it leftover today for lunch, it tasted better, but I guess those changes were enough to make it totally different from last year.

The cookies, however, were a hit. I got asked the “What are these?” question and I answered “Oreo Cheesecake cookies.” Of course, the mention of cheese meant another, “Yeah, but what is it really?” “Well, it’s vegan cream cheese and Oreos are already vegan.” Then there were the questions about what vegan cream cheese could possibly even mean because there’s no cheese if the word vegan is in front of it. More digs.

I can take the digs when the dish is a crowd pleasure. It’s when something goes awry, that the digs kind of suck. To me, it’s just another reminder that I’m still not that good at cooking. And I feel like it doesn’t put vegan cuisine in a positive light. I could look at my mistakes as challenges to get better, and I suppose that’s exactly what I should do. Football gatherings are going to be every single Sunday for the next few months, so I have plenty of chances to prove them all wrong.

The Oreo Cheesecake Cookies recipe came from This Can’t Be Vegan. They are sweet and soft and defintely a crowd-pleaser. I found the recipe via Pinterest, which is how I find pretty much every recipe these days. Some are knockouts and some are complete disasters. Thankfully, these were a knockout. I think there were two left out of twenty-four by the end of the night.   I take that as a success.

For next week’s gathering, I think I’ll tap into the flavors of Fall. I’m feeling very pumpkin-y these days.


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