Asian Feast

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Monday night was Asian feast! I love Chinese food, and rice, and sushi, and mmm…but none of it is very healthy and a lot of it isn’t vegan. So, it’s time to learn to make my own Asian-inspired delights! Monday’s attempt was a success.

On the menu was General Gau’s Cauliflower (officially titled Gobi Manchurian Cauliflower), Soba Noodles with Sweet Ginger Scallion Sauce, and Crispy Edamame.

The tastiest part of the meal was definitely the cauliflower. To be honest, it might not have been all that healthy since it was fried. It was dipped in a batter of whole wheat flour, corn starch, and other seasonings, then fried in extra virgin olive oil. That being said, they were definitely NOT fried as much as the General Gau’s chicken you get from the corner Chinese takeout. Plus, it was cauliflower!

The edamame was mixed with a little extra virgin olive oil, granulated garlic, pepper, and nutritional yeast (the recipe called for parmesan cheese, but I opted for the nutriyeast), then banked. SO yummy! I love eating edamame plain, but some extra flavors (especially my BFF garlic) only added to it’s natural deliciousness. If you haven’t tried edamame, you should. My mother tried it for the first time on Monday and described it as, “it’s like a nut, only it’s not.” That’s exactly it! You can buy them shelled (they look like pea pods) or you can buy them out of the shell. I always buy them frozen out of the shell because it’s easiest. Yum!

Now, the soba noodles. I’ve never cooked them before and, although I thought I followed the directions, I think I cooked them too long because the noodles were very sticky. I also wanted to cook more than the recipe called for, but I may not have made enough of the sauce. I expected them to be more saucy, which they weren’t, but they did soak up the flavors of the sauce, especially the spiciness! Next time, I just need to cook them less and sauce them more.

The only downside to this meal was that it took a LOT of various bowls and kitchen utensils. I made the biggest mess – you would think I cooked a Thanksgiving feast for the entire New England Patriots with the amount of dishes that filled the sink. Ridiculous. And it took me two hours. That’s just excessive! And in my haste to finish (since it was after 8:30 by the time it was all completed) I forgot to take any pictures! Just look at the pictures of the links above – mine would have looked almost as good.


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Staples: Nutritional Yeast Vegan in Newburyport

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