More Cooking Success!

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So I’ve had more success the past week with two new recipes! Honestly, it’s a miracle that these recipes are working out for me. And not only do I like them, but other people do, too!

On Tuesday, I made Spinach & Artichoke White Bean Chili. You can’t go wrong with artichokes. If a recipe has artichoke in it, I’m probably going to make it. I love artichokes. Every Thanksgiving, my grandmother would make stuffed artichokes. I would scoop off the stuffing and just eat the leaves – well, not eat, but whatever you do with the leaves of an artichoke. And basically, that would be my Thanksgiving. SO GOOD! And this chili? Wicked, crazy delicious. And spicy. Spicy to the point where I microwaved it for lunch at work, brought it back to my desk, and my boss asked, “What IS that?! It’s burning my nose!” I think the smell was more intense than the actual level of spiciness because I didn’t find it uncomfortable to eat. I HATE eating overly spicy foods that just burn off my tongue. This also had quite a lot of cumin. Kind of stunk up the house a bit. I might use a tad less cumin next time. Other than that, it was perfect.

On Wednesday night, I made Sweet Potato White Bean Veggie Burgers with a side of Blistered Ginger & Garlic String Beans. Apparently, I was on a white bean kick this past week.

Anyway, the burgers came out pretty good. My little sister liked the taste of these burgers more than the burgers I had made the previous week. I favored the previous burgers, though, because they had more flavor. The good thing about making your own burgers, though, is that you can add as much flavor as you want, so next time I’ll spice it up a bit more. Sweet potatoes are SO good for you, so they’re worth another shot. AND they freeze well. The recipe made nine burgers, so I froze the rest. You have to have patience making your own veggie burgers, though. They break apart very easily and I find that I need a LOT of oil to cook them. I have to pour in a fresh tablespoon every time I put a couple more into the pan. If anyone knows any secrets to cooking your own, please let me know! Still, knowing exactly what is in the burgers is worth it. There’s no preservatives or anything fake when you make it yourself.

Now, the string beans. SO FREAKIN’ GOOD. If you like garlic (um hi, I would marry garlic) then you will LOVE this recipe. My sister described the flavor as “like Auntie’s chicken wings.” My aunt is Korean and she makes these really good chicken wings. They’re so good that when I decided to go veg, I thought “Dear wings, I’m really going to miss you.” They’re killer. Man. Somehow, these very simple to make string beans mimic that flavor. SCORE! I cannot wait to make them again.


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