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Okay, this is about the bazillionith go-around, I know, but I guess the point is I never stop trying. I get points for that, right? I’m taking a different approach this time, and there are multiple reasons.

My approach is to find vegan recipes that sound delish and make them. How simple! At the same time, I am still eating meat, though I have cut out a lot of dairy. For the most part, I no longer drink milk or eat yogurt or ice cream. I haven’t had eggs either. Then again, I have had foods that contain these ingredients.  I’m easing myself into this, which I think is the best way to do it. Obviously cold turkey didn’t work out for me. Plus, my current financial state is unfortunate and I can’t afford to go shopping for food all the time.

This week I made a quinoa salad with red onion, avocado, cherry tomatoes, red peppers, and a cumin-lime dressing. It was DELICIOUS. I’m in love with quinoa. I’m not really in love with red onion, so I think I will cut back on the amount the recipe calls for, because it’s just such an overpowering flavor that stays in my mouth for hours and hours.

I also made bulgogi style tofu, which is a Korean dish. It smells good, and I tasted a tiny piece. My immediate reaction was, “Wow! A recipe with tofu that I might actually like!” So, that’s promising. We’ll see tomorrow at lunch time. I cut my tofu too thick, and it certainly doesn’t look like the picture from the blog where I got the recipe.

Pinterest is kind of what sprang my renewed interest. There is SO MUCH great stuff (vegan and not) on Pinterest. And, I’m completely obsessed.

I’m getting in to cooking, and by that I mean really trying to follow recipes. No more short cuts and if I don’t have all the ingredients, I’m not attempting the dish. Doing this has led to disappoints, so it’s not worth it. I will attempt to take pictures as I go, but usually by the time I remember to do that, it’s already too late. Plus, the food I make doesn’t look as..picturesque as what I see around the internet. Perhaps with practice, it will beautify.


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