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Third time’s the charm, or so the saying goes

Tonight, I ate chicken. And it was delicious. Truly exceptionally delicious. It was Ritz Cracker chicken. Divine.

Yesterday, I ate turkey and bacon.

The day before that – okay, I could go on for approximately a month, specifically since July 9th. That was the day of my friend’s wedding when I devoured several bacon wrapped scallops. I love bacon, but I LOATHE fish. I was starving, though, and everyone kept saying “Wow! This is so good!” And down my gullet it went, with slight regret, and my world was changed. Whoa, bacon wrapped around scallops completely takes away that disgusting ocean flavor. Revolutionary! And so my veggie diet was botched for a day.

Then, I visited my Texas family for a weekend. Texas taught me that vegetarians do not exist there. If you’re from Texas and you’re a vegetarian, please comment on how you manage to survive in this state because I would love to know.

Then, I went to Vegas. Vegetarian in Vegas?! Psssh! Today, I found out that Steve Wynn (owner of multiple hotels in Vegas) is Vegan and makes sure that all of the restaurants in his establishments have Vegan options. Curse me.

It sounds like I’m blaming all of these events on my failed second attempt at vegetarianism, but I’m really not. Obviously it’s my choice. Liz’s wedding had a pasta buffet with meatless options. I could have made my fajita that we had for lunch one day in Texas without the chicken. I could have had only the pasta and salad at the Vegas buffets. But, I didn’t. It’s all on me.

So, back to the present time…I ate chicken for dinner. Clearly, my motivation is lacking. Here in lies one of the reasons for this blog. We’ve all had that teacher that would randomly call on students instead of waiting for someone to volunteer an answer. You wanted to be well prepared for that class, right? It was embarrassing to be called on and not know the answer. This blog is that teacher. I’m going public with my triumphs and mistakes. Owning up to it will motivate me to make the right (right, for me, being meat-free) choices, or at least that’s the idea.


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